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Achieve Advanced Data Protection with Office 365

Achieve Advanced Data Protection with Office 365

Learn more about Office 365’s native security features and where third party solutions can fill critical gaps.

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Free Gartner Report: How to Enhance the Security of Office 365

Free Gartner Report: How to Enhance the Security of Office 365

“By 2018, 40% of Office 365 deployments will rely on third-party tools to fill gaps in security and compliance.”

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Vaultive Solution Overview: Exchange Online

Vaultive Solution Overview: Exchange Online

The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform can make moving to Office 365 more secure than on-premises approaches.

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Cloud Data Security in Three Steps

Encrypt Data before Cloud Exposure

Encrypt data before it leaves your direct control, so your cloud provider has zero visibility.

Control the Encryption Keys

Retain sole custody of the encryption keys, so only you control when and where data can be decrypted.

Preserve User Experience

Deliver a native application experience that makes cloud data security invisible to your users.

Problems We Solve


Protect sensitive corporate data from cloud provider security breaches and other forms of unauthorized access.


Comply with evolving data residency laws and regulations by keeping your encryption keys in-country at all times.


Reduce compliance risk and meet auditing requirements by encrypting your data before it goes to the cloud and eliminating all cloud provider data visibility.


Protect against disclosure of sensitive information by unauthorized insiders and ensure that government data requests are directed to you—not your cloud provider—by maintaining exclusive control over data decryption.

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