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“Microsoft’s various encryption tools, while useful, do not cover all the organization’s requirements.”
“Microsoft should encourage its customers to encrypt their data in-use, as well as in-transit and at rest, and to hold on to the encryption keys directly.”
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Vaultive: The Cloud Data Encryption Standard

Vaultive’s platform directly tackles the pivotal issue standing in the way of broader cloud adoption: ownership and control of data that is processed by cloud-based services. Based on ground-breaking data encryption technology for processing of encrypted ciphers in a third-party environment, Vaultive’s approach enables customers to retain control of their cloud data, and continue to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

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Partners play a critical role in Vaultive’s go-to-market strategy. By delivering cloud data ownership and control technology, Vaultive facilitates a healthier ecosystem for migration, integration and implementation services partners by addressing customer need for data-at-rest compliance, data security, unauthorized disclosure mitigation and data residency/privacy.

 Addressing Cloud Adoption Obstacles - Vaultive's Encryption in Use

Addressing Cloud Adoption Obstacles – Vaultive’s Encryption in Use

 Encryption in Use

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