Cloud Data Security Platform


The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform

helps security-conscious organizations benefit from the cloud

by encrypting data at every potential point of cloud exposure.

Cloud Data Security for
Your Organization


The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform:

  • Encrypts data before it leaves the trusted on-premises infrastructure.
  • Gives the data owner or a trusted third party sole custody of the encryption keys.
  • Delivers a seamless experience to users.



Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform

Encryption in Transit

Encryption in Use

Encryption at Rest



Vaultive helps security-conscious organizations unlock the economic and business agility benefits of software-as-a-service (SaaS) by protecting data during all phases of the cloud lifecycle.

Centralized Administration


Our product provides a centralized point of administration for topology and gateway setup, deployment process management, and encrypted mailbox management. The centralized management enables distribution to hundreds of machines from a single user-friendly user interface, ensuring both enforced centrally- defined policies and administrator productivity.


Seamless Network Integration


The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform is a software solution that can be deployed either as a virtual appliance or on a physical appliance, based on customer preference. Vaultive can also be provided as a hosted service by one of our authorized hosting partners.

Proven Scalability


Functioning as a gateway that can be deployed on-premises, at a trusted third party or a within a dedicated VPN, the appliance can be deployed on either virtual machines or dedicated physical devices. The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform provides enterprise-grade scalability and can support thousands of concurrent users on a single machine.

High Availability Options


The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform is deployed by default in a high-availability mode that enables seamless and transparent failover and redundancy between Vaultive appliances. The Vaultive platform’s high-availability, balanced distribution and global load-balancing capabilities are delivered natively, and do not require the use of third-party tools.

Featured Solution: Microsoft Office 365


The Vaultive Cloud Data Security Platform provides Office 365 security and is the only solution capable of encrypting Microsoft Exchange Online data in the cloud while preserving a seamless user experience.

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